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RM 1950
per project

1. Property Listing at (e.g. Apartment)
Please click HERE for example.
2. Property Listing includes:
a. THREE property types. One photo or architect illustration image per property type.
(e.g. Single Storey Terrace House, Double Storey Terrace House, Double Storey Shop Lot)
b. FULL Specification of each property type. Specification can be in English, Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia.
c. Location Map of Project Site.
d. Ground Floor Plan per property type.
e. First Floor Plan (if any) per property type.
f. Developer Brief Profile and Contact Information.
    - Company Name
  - Company Registration No.
  - Developer License No.
  - Advertisement License No.
  - Address
  - Telephone No
  - Fax No
  - E-mail Address (if any)
  - Website URL (if any)
g. List of Project In-Progress. 
i. Listing of property types developing in the same project location. E.g. 
   Taman Chandan Putri               
  - Double Storey Terrace House 
  - Double Storey Shop Lot
ii. Listing of projects developed at different location by the same developer. E.g.
   Taman Chandan Putri, Kuala Kangsar
  - Double Storey Terrace House
  - Double Storey Shop Lot
 Taman Muhibbah Jaya II, Sungai Siput
  - Double Storey Terrace House (Type B)
  - Double Storey Terrace House (Type B II)    
  - Double Storey Shop House
3. Additional Property Type Listing at RM 250.00 each.
4. Property Listing Renewal at RM 1,200.00 annually.
5. Period covered for Property Listing is 12 months.
1. FULL payment shall be made upon confirmation.
2. Annual Fees must be fully paid.
3. Payment can be made by:
- Crossed cheque/Bank Draft/Money Order payable to IPOH-ONLINE SDN. BHD.
- Direct Deposit the payment into our Maybank current account number "5080-3812-6716"
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