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FrontPage in the Classroom - FrontPage is a powerful software tool used to design, create and publish web sites. The program offers you a vast array of web site templates, and makes it easy to add images, sounds and video, by using clearly marked buttons on a simple toolbar. If you're making a web site for your school, your class, your teachers' group, or just about anything else - you can use FrontPage to guide you through every step.

You'll learn the basics on FrontPage toolbars, embedding images, choosing fonts, adding video clips, making your connection to the Internet, and a lot more.

The tutorial includes a quiz question at the end of each new section. The web site also provides print-version of tutorials, you can easily print the tutorials out as softcopy.

KidCompute: Make a Website is a web site for kids who are new in HTML and web page design. The site teaches kids how to make a web site for themselves with following lessons:

1. Introduction
2. HTML 1, 2 & 3

3. File Transfer
4. Web Hosting

The site contains also other useful computing materials for kids, such as Basic Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, History of Computers and more.

Guide to Grammar and Writing is a great language-learning site for students who wish to improve themselves in English grammar and writing. The site teaches students about English grammar and writing in 3 levels respectively:

For English grammar:
Levels: Word & Sentence, Paragraph, Essay & Research Paper

For English writing:
- Writing Process, Structural Considerations, Patterns of Composition

An ASK GRAMMAR section is designed for students to ask their questions about English and writing. Plus a index guide is created for students to look for a specific topics easily: Adjectives, Preposition, Punctuation...

AAA Math illustrates and provides interactive arithmetic exercises and problems. The site contain a series of basic math lessons which are a resource that can be used by math students in formal elementary education math classes, home schooling or elsewhere.

  • Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills.
  • Interactive Practice on every page.
  • An Explanation of the math topic on each page.
  • Several Challenge Games on every page.
  • Math Problems are randomly created.

25 topics provided: Algebra, Exponents, Geometry, Graph, Ratios...

Tatabahasa Online is specially made for UPSR students. The site offers exercises and study notes to help students especially UPSR candidates do well for the subject of Bahasa Malaysia.

The site also shows some common grammar mistakes made by students. 5 topics provided: Golongan Kata, Pengimbuhan, Pengandaan, Ayat and Rampai Bahasa.

Other Useful Learning Links:

Web Site: Yahoo Hong Kong! Dictionary
Category: Dictionary
Features: Free, online dictionary with a great database of words. Can check out the meaning of any English or Chinese word. Plus synonym and antonym for each word.

Web Site:
Category: Dictionary
Features: Free, online dictionary and thesaurus, and translator that can  translate an English word / phrase into 11 different languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese etc. and vice versa.

Web Site: Chinese Characters and Culture
Category: Language
Features: Traditional etymologies of Chinese characters (to help students understand, appreciate and remember characters), origins of Chinese characters, online readings, Chinese news etc.

The Grinch Browser
by Kids Domain
Size: 4,409k   [Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT, Internet Explorer 4.0 or better, ISP (Internet Service Provider)]

Download "The Grinch Browser" and surf the net with an easy to use interface. Those of you familiar with the layout of Microsoft Explorer will have no problems adjusting to this browser. With features such as Skins. channels, Chat, e-mail and a download manager everthing you need is a click away.

This s not a program with any special filtering options. It is designed to take the place of your regular browser. NeoPlanet is the creater of the new browser with several skins to choose from. The Grinch is one of many skins they have to offer.

Make A Castle
by Owl And Mouse Software
Size: 300k   [Win95, Win98]

Would you like to create your own Camelot? Print the gates, towers, and walls for the castle. Then print the shed to go with it. Color, cut out, and assemble a unique paper castle!

Also try Make a Village, Make a Town, and Make a Farm by the same publisher. Parental supervision is necessary for small children.

Ray's Letters and Numbers
by Ray Le Couteur
Size: 760k   [Win95, Win98]

A free multimedia educational program for children aged 3-6. A challenging and entertaining way to learn letters, numbers, the alphabet, simple spelling, counting, keyboard skills and much more.

Plus a bonus jigsaw game that children will love. All in a simple, but highly motivating game format, to ensure that children will really learn these essential skills. With a choice of US or UK spellings.

Drawing For Children v. 2.0
by Mark Overmars
Size: 1.6m   [Win95, Win98, WinNT]

Drawing for Children is a wonderful way for all children to become creative regardless of their educational level. Even the young children with little or no reading skills will be able to jump in and create with little supervision.

Point and click on the icons to reveal all the aspects of the program from pens, stamps, backgrounds, special effects and more. Children can create lots of wonderful art work for friends and family, all for free.

NoteCard v. 1.0
by AHA! Software Inc.
Size: 437K   [Win95, Win98, WinNT]

NoteCard is an educational freeware for anyone in the first stages of learning to read music. This simple tool helps you learn to recognize music notes instantly. As notes are displayed on a musical staff, you enter the note name, or click in the appropriate place on a piano keyboard or guitar neck graphic. It works through 12 levels as your skill builds.

PS: If you're new to downloading software from WWW, you might like to start by working through First Download tutorial provided by the download page. It will answer your basic questions about downloading.




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