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Art & Creative Design

Free Art Lessons and Commercial Art Tutorials
Learn how to draw, sketch and paint Drawing, Sketching and Painting (portrait art, landscape, wildlife still life... for artist's of all abilities).

The Getty's Art Education
This exhibition at the Getty explores how optical devices and technologies have shaped our perception of the world. These teaching tools are for teachers and parents who want to help kids understand the themes behind the exhibition and its interactive website.

3D Body Scanner
Find out how researchers are using the hi-tech body scanner machine to study the complex problems of clothing design and fit. Check out the virtual try-on to see how clothes will fit you from the comfort of your own home.

The Artist's Toolkit
Watch an animated demonstration of various artistic principles, find examples of these concepts, and create your own composition. Also watch artists create works using the visual elements and principles discussed.

The Plays of William Shakespeare
Read the famous plays by William Shakespeare. The site is so easy to navigate. Surf his plays and sonnets, looking for characters, quotes, and just about everything Shakespeare.

Kiddo Net
An total Internet environment for children (ages 3-12). Offers kids an online space with high quality content and web tools that allow them to create, learn, play and communicate with other kids they know safely.

Smart Kids
Features: An interactive web site to help kids see art in new ways. Look at different artworks, learn the language of art, explore art materials and unravel clues about the history of selected artworks.

Features: Free online interactive coloring pages and coloring books with over 100 pictures to choose from. A good site for kids to learn coloring.


Explore Parliament
Do you ever wonder how laws in the United Kingdom are passed? What is the governing body and how are they organized? See what the House of Commons or the House of Lords looks like, learn about the history of Parliament, and find out how British laws are made.

Race to Build the Atomic Bomb
Learn about the competition between Japan, Germany, and the U.S. to make the first atomic bomb and see a timeline of the U.S.'s efforts. Discover the physics behind the atomic bomb and more.

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissance painter, architect, mathematician, engineer and philosopher. Discover details about this painter's family tree, his more famous works, and his life.

Web Site: Learning Curve: Cold War
Features: Learn about commonly-held theories on the Cold War, when it started, who caused it, what part the Vietnam War played, and more.

Freedom: A History of Us
Features: See why the promise of freedom has attracted millions of people from all over the world to come to America. Hear why generations of men, women, and children have lived, sacrificed, and died for that freedom.

Web Site: Mesopotamia
Features: Learn about geography, gods, writing systems, and overall history of the amazing area, known as the "cradle of civilization", including information on topics like ziggurats in Sumer, Assyrian warfare and more.

Web Site: Precious Cargo
Features: All about a group of adopted Vietnamese American children on their journey back to Vietnam to learn about their history and roots. Get familiar with the history of the Vietnam War from this site.

Web Site: Bowers Kidsuem
Features: An interactive museum that lets kids have hands-on experiences with world cultures. Featuring art lab, storytelling room, cultural discovery, theatre and lots more.

Web Site: Hyper History
Features: Provides 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronistic lifelines, timelines, and maps. Over 2000 files are interconnected throughout the site.


NOVA: Mountain of Ice
Get panoramic views of the landscape from the NOVA trek to Vinson Massif, follow the life cycle of a glacier, and find out what could happen around the world if Antarctica's ice melts.

Colours of the Nile
Follow the expedition down the River Nile on a raft to raise global awareness of the lack of available clean water. Find out about the dangers the participants will face. Also Learn about Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt.

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
Introduces Marco Polo and his journey to Asia. Go on an interactive tour along the route Marco Polo began at 17, to the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan. Also provides descriptions of the people and places he visited.

Web Site: Little Horus
Features: Welcome kids to Egypt by taking kids on a virtual tour. Find out about the mysterious Egypt today, its history, entertainment, and major sights.

Web Site: Kids Web Japan
Features: Introduces Japan to children aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries to deepen understanding about Japan. Could used as a supplementary source of information in classes devoted to studying Japan.

Web Site: Lonely Planet - Destinations
Features: Offers vast information and travel tips on the history, geography, and culture of countries around the world. Featuring postcards and more.

Web Site: Geographia
Features: Provides information on the people, history, wildlife, and points of interest for countries and regions around the world. Featuring a series of topics about Malaysia.

Web Site: Travel for Kids
Features: Provides information on places for kids to visit in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Discover on hidden treasures and learn insider secrets for holidays in these places.


The Science of Hockey
The Science of Hockey is the first in a series of "Sports Science" resources developed by the Exploratorium. This site takes you inside the game: you'll hear from NHL players and coaches from the San Jose Sharks, as well as leading physicists and chemists. This site is divided into seven main sections which can be accessed individually.

Scholastic at the Olympics Games
The Olympic Games as we know them are an international sports festival. Read about the history and information behind this athletic competition.

Have Barbie try on clothes, talk to you about a party, or learn a bit of Barbie History. This is the spot to get to know that famous doll.

NOVA: Battle of the X-Planes
Learn about the next generation of fighter jets by reading articles and exploring interactive demonstrations. Find out about wing design, what it takes to outfit a fighter pilot, what it's like to test these planes.

Science of Cooking
Discover how a pinch of curiosity can improve cooking. Explore recipes, activities, and web casts that will improve kids' understanding of the science behind food and cooking.

Web Site: Kids Food Cyber Club
Features: A family site that teaches kids about food, nutrition, and health. Featuring games and activities for kids.

Web Site: Olympic Base Camp
Features: The United States Olympic Committee's official site for kids. Learn about Olympic sports, the biggest sport event in the world, through links, activities, games, and more.

Web Site: Wonder Kid's Magic Tricks
Features: Teaches kids some simple yet funny magic tricks with picture description. Plus games and other magic-related links.

Web Site: Stamp on History
Features: Explores the lives of important historical people through their pictures on postage stamps. Designed to be easily usable for reference.

Web Site: Dole 5 A Day
Features: Teaches the importance of eating five fruits and vegetables every day and provides recipes for kids to try. Featuring music, games, fruit and vegetable encyclopedia, and special sections for teachers and families.

Web Site: Sports Kids
Features: A sports site for kids and their families. Featuring news written by kids for kids, superstar features, coaching tips, and online store.


Bible Jokes and Study Online
A humorous site for kids. Contains CJ's Poetry, CJ's Children's Stories, Silly Poems to Finish, and more.

Bible Jokes and Study Online
A Poetry site for kids. Contains Bible humor and background information about the Bible. Kids could have fun reading jokes but at the same time could learn more about Bible, the best-selling book in the world, as well.

Kids Jokes for Children of All Ages
A joke site for kids. Offers over 12000 clean jokes for children of any age, as well as for all the family. Lots of categories including animal jokes, knock-knock jokes, silly jokes, and more.

Story Place
A multimedia website for pre-kinder-garden through 2nd grade. Offers kids with the virtual experience of going to the library and participating in the same types of activities the library offers.

Paw Island
Paw Island is a magical island world inhabited by cats and dogs. All adult pets have jobs and responsibilities on the island. They are able to teach the island's younger pets the difference between right and wrong. These lessons are in turn imparted to kids who participate in the stories.

Web Site: Fizzy Funny Fuzzy
Features: A poetry site for kids. Offers up-to-date, humorous, entertaining and fun poetry for children.


Fact Monster
This is a site that is loaded with facts for students from K-12. Included is a searchable atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. A nice feature is the Citing Factmonster that gives instructions....

This is a site that is truly for kids by kids. You can submit coloring pages, features, and questions to the KookerKids for posting. There are also games, puzzles, jokes, crafts and other interesting activities to try.

City Creator
Try your hand at building a city. You can choose from three different types of cities and select the buildings, people, vehicles, roads, and walkways that inhabit the town you build.

Fun School
Offers more than 300 interactive games and activities for preschool through 6th grade that are fun, easy-to-use. Educational activities ranging from matching numbers and shapes for pre-schoolers, to geography, math and history for third through sixth graders.

An interactive web adventure for parents to spend quality time with children, and to help them with cognitive thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and also just to have some fun.

Web Site: Kakak Tua
Features: An e-learning web portal developed to help students revise for their exams in a fun and effective manner via the Web. Aim to help students find an enjoyable method of learning and achieve top study grades.

Web Site: Billy Bear's Playground
Features: Offers over two dozen downloadable games for young kids. Cheap, safe and free. Visit the rest of the site for downloadable story books, word search puzzles, coloring pictures and other fun stuff.


The Academy of Natural Sciences
In this site you can have fun learning about everything from how you can help save the environment, what different types of scientists work at the Academy, programs for Boy and Girl Scouts, overnight sleepovers with the dinosaurs, and discovering what fun and adventure awaits you at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Volcano World
Volcano World has been the Internet's leading source of information about volcanoes since 1995. This site contains everything you could want to know about volcanoes, including facts, articles, pictures, movies, currently erupting volcanoes, and more. And there is a special section only for kids.

Amazing Space
Provides kids interactive activities on topics like comets, stars, black holes, the solar system, and the Hubble Space Telescope with its amazing multimedia gallery.

NASA's Mars Exploration Program
Since Mars has been so close to the Earth recently, find out more about the exploration of Mars. Check out about the challenges of getting to Mars, check out some cool Mars photos, and see if Mars is melting.

Web Site: ASIMO
Features: Introduces the world's most advanced humanoid robot. Find out where ASIMO came from and where it's headed and get the inside scoop on how ASIMO's body was built and what it can do.

Web Site: The Electric Avenue
Features: A site that introduces beetles. Learn about these impressive creatures, check out pictures and virtual beetles, and read about the fight against the Asian Long-horned Beetle.

Web Site: Beetle Science
Features: A site that introduces beetles. Learn about these impressive creatures, check out pictures and virtual beetles, and read about the fight against the Asian Long-horned Beetle.

Web Site: of Mind and Matter
Features: Fully about the mystery of the human brain. Explore the brain's anatomy, function, disorders, and psychology. There are cool interactive features, quizzes, and Q & A sections to help kids out.

Web Site: Floral Radiographs: The Secret Garden
Features: The webmaster took x-rays of flowers and discovered strange beauty in the images that couldn't be seen with the naked eye. Check out a gallery of floral x-rays to see the many layers of a rose, the delicacy of a calalily, and details in other commonly found flowers.

Web Site: Kids Go Wild
Features: Teaches kids about animals with fun. Consists of wild animal facts with photos and videos, Shockwave games, a kids club, and wildlife news for kids.

Web Site: NASA Kids
Features: Offers kids a fun way to learn about NASA's space projects and science with news stories, information, and activities designed for kids.

Web Site: Defenders of Wild Life: Kid's Planet
Features: Check out fact sheets on all kinds of animals from all around the world, play wild games, and learn about world wide wolves. Featuring special section for teachers.

Web Site: Yahooligans! Animals
Features: 4 groups of animals are divided: Mammals, Fishes, Insects, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles. The site introduce each groups of animals with detailed information and pictures.

Web Site: Jurassic Park Institute
Features: Discover dino news, find the facts in the dinopedia, and get some dinotainment by doing the Jurassic Jigsaw.

Ithaki 4 KiDs
Ithaki 4 KiDs helps you to find the best sites just for kids via searching in real time several search engines for kids.
A homework helper to help kids to find any information quickly. Consists of a large database to help kids get whatever information that is clean and useful they want. Various categories of search provided.
Kids Click!
Acts as a homework helper to help kids to find any information quickly. Consists of a large database to help kids get whatever information that is clean and useful they want. Various categories of search provided.

Cyber Sleuth Kids
A homework helper designed to help kids find pertinent information quickly. The tabs at the bottom of the page lead to pages with information about major and most popular sites specializing in science, math and more.




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