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Today's News  
16 July 2013 What Activity Levels Affect Kids' BMI?
Keeping kids active is one way to help lower the childhood obesity epidemic, and a new study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
....... More [Runner's World Newswire‎‎
Other News  
30 January 2013 Top tips for academic success as kids go back to school [‎‎‎]
23 January 2013 Kids learn to love Mother Nature [New Straits Times‎‎]
14 January 2013 Junk food link to kids' asthma [The Sun‎]
07 January 2013 No outbreak of HFMD so far Dr Zulkifli [The Borneo Post‎ ]
03 January 2013 Parents take leave to be with kids [The Star Online]
03 October 2012 Kids Exposed to a Whopping Four Hours of Background TV a Day [Yahoo! News (blog)]
18 September 2012 CDC: Kids in US eat too much salt [Deseret News]
17 October 2011 Kids twice as sensitive to cellphone radiation: Study [Toronto Sun]
22 September 2011 Indians saving for their kids at an early stage [MoneyGuru India]
03 September 2011 42m young kids are obese... help me save them [The Sun]
22 August 2011 Video games' benefits go beyond fun [The Seattle Times]
04 August 2011 All play makes a child with learning disability []
Hottest News  
16 July 2013 Our World, Our Kids: Thinking of the Future
In a fantastic photo essay published earlier this year, the photographer Gabriele Galimberti presented images of kids from across the world
...... More [Victorville Daily Press‎‎]
Other News  
30 January 2013 Child abuse shakes local areas [Victorville Daily Press‎‎]
23 January 2013 Children have ability to learn multiple languages [The Star Online‎]
14 January 2013 Talking to kids about smoking [Reading Eagle‎ ]
07 January 2013 Recipe for change [Reading Eagle‎]
03 January 2013 More Kids Turning Into Yogis [ABC News‎]
03 October 2012 Childhood obesity: 10 of your stories [BBC News]
18 September 2012 For Kids, Android Is Safer Than iOS [Mashable]
17 October 2011 CBF Designed Identify, Help Kids Missing Early Education, Says ... [Bernama]
22 September 2011 Fighting with your wife in front of the kids [Great Dad]
03 September 2011 Web posts lead to discipline for 5 kids [Nashua Telegraph]
22 August 2011 Parents say textbooks porn for kids [China Daily]
04 August 2011 Kids and vegetables: no more food fights [Goondiwindi Argus]

A sequence of images taken approximately every twenty minutes show the moon passing through the shadow of the earth as photographed in Toronto Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008. A total lunar eclipse can only occur on a full moon, when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth. The next total lunar eclipse will not be visible from North America until Dec. 21, 2010.


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