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To Think Or Not To Think
Human beings are different from animals because God has made us special in many ways and the most prominent among them is our mental capability. To be blunt, humans are endowed with "brains" that allow us to think, judge and act accordingly. Whereas in the case of animals, their action is based on instincts as they possess limited mental capacity.

Despite this difference, a couple of events that happened recently have caused me to wonder whether some of us are not using this special gift from God. Malaysians are now embroiled in the divorce via SMS issue and the possibility of having Jim Carrey's latest movie, "Bruce Almighty" banned.

These two issues have become international news with prominent foreign publication publishing them in their daily editions. Malaysia is once again famous globally for all the wrong reasons. Foreigners especially the Mat Salleh must think that Malaysians are all stupid and the country is a backward country being ruled by a Taliban like government.

Although it is already too late, the government through Dr. Mahathir has come to its senses in dealing with the divorce via SMS issue by announcing that it is not legal. Imagine Malaysia gaining a reputation where getting a divorce is as simple as A-B-C. Who knows, this might increase the number of tourists to Malaysia especially foreign Muslim couples who are looking for the easiest way out of their marriage and the cheapest. All they have to do is buy themselves a couple of handphones and get them registered for a mobile network before the game can begin.

As for Bruce the Almighty, it is only a matter of time before Bruce or Larry finds out that he is not so mighty in Malaysia. Minister in charge of religious affairs, Abdul Hamid Zainal Abidin had suggested the banning of Bruce Almighty because it was not appropriate and insensitive to Islamic teachings.

In the movie, Jim Carrey who is the lead actor is given divine powers and challenged by God to do a better job of running the world. Dealing with such a storyline, Abdul Hamid's comment was, "We cannot equate ourselves with God almighty even as a joke."

As mentioned before, Malaysians are human beings gifted with mental prowess from God. We therefore possess the ability to judge a certain issue before deciding whether it is right or wrong. Everyone knows that humans can never take the place of God and Bruce Almighty is only a work of fiction that aims to be funny and entertaining.

Mr. Abdul Hamid, maybe it is time for you to stop behaving so pompously and start using your mental capability to judge the whole issue. Please make use of what God has given you. Any religion or religious publications such as the Bible and Al-Quran are open to many interpretations by humans. Different individuals might come up with different interpretations. Therefore it is advisable and more reliable to make use of what God has given us - BRAINS - to come to a sensible decision.

Hopefully there will not be any further issues that will crop up in the future that will make us the laughing stock of the world community. As long as each and every one of us, especially our political leaders use their "brains" as intended by God in the first place, we would remain in safe hands.




by Jane Mun
Editor of



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