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The Death of Humanity
Humanity, the quality of being humane or human that differentiates us from animals, took a backseat on this day in March 20, 2003. The United States under the administration of George W. Bush along with its deputy sheriffs, United Kingdom and Australia officially declared war on Iraq despite not having the approval of the United Nations.

The U.S pre-war assumptions regarding the war so far have proved to be nothing but baseless theories. No masses of Iraqi soldiers are rushing to surrender nor are there any Saddam's top people defecting at the first signs of trouble. Turkish leaders were not as obliging as to give America all it wanted meanwhile the Allied soldiers were disappointed as no Iraqi civilians welcome them as liberators. Instead, Iraqis view them as invaders and a threat to the sovereignty of their country. Thousands who are exiles in Jordan have been returning home over the past week to fight the US and British. One of these volunteers in fact had a wise observation, "The U.S hasn't understood that it's not going to be able to kill Saddam Hussein with this war. For better or for worse, he has already become a legend."

Bush finally admitted after the onset of the war that its duration was not predictable and he would be requesting US$75 bil from Congress, enough to keep American troops in Iraq for five months. Meanwhile, Iraqis have no choice but to face a bleak and uncertain future from the possibility of a pro-longed war with an increasing number of them getting killed or wounded. Women will suffer the most as their roles as both wives and mothers force them to feel the lost of husbands and sons in battle, followed by helpless and defenseless children and senior citizens.

In any war, innocent people become victims or casualties despite promises by the Allied Forces not to target civilian areas and to maintain a "clean war." In southern Iraq, Basra, soldiers were not the only victims. Two western journalists were killed along with Iraqi civilians and at least five Syrian workers when their bus was hit by errant American missile in western Iraq.

There were many speculations regarding Bush's real motive to attack Iraq. But at the end of the day, he might have won the battle but lost the war. With the eventual return of body bags of American soldiers, Americans will finally see the futility of war and live to regret it. Bush may not be re-elected as a result of this. Out of 500 American senators, only one has a son in the military therefore the decision to declare war is not a difficult one. Hypothetically, if Bush were to have a son or daughter enlisted in the army, would he be so eager to go to war?

The attack on Iraq also marks the failure of UN as an authoritative world body in overseeing matters such as war. With the Allied Forces unilateral move after failing to obtain a resolution, it marks the beginning of the end of the UN and humanity in general!



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