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To provide comfort and relief of symptoms to the terminally ill irrespective of age , race or religion.
To enhance their quality of life.
To support the grieving family appropriately.
The Perak Palliative Care Society ( PPCS ) has been promoting and providing palliative care since 1995.

PPCS is a non-governmental , non-profit, non-religious society.
To provide palliative care services.

To advocate for better palliative care education and training opportunities for the health care provider.
To promote better awareness of palliative care in the community.
To advocate for better palliative care service.
To promote the spirit of volunteerism.
in June 1995, the Home Care Programme provides:

Medical and Nursing Assessment and review of symptoms.
Education for the client's care in simple nursing procedures.
Loan of equipment.
Emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support for the client and his/her family/care-giver.

Assistance from support volunteers.

Bereavement support.


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